Pastor Mark S. Kellar

The consistory offered the call to Pastor Mark Kellar in 2001 and a new phoenix was birthed.  He completed his M.Div. at Union Theological Seminary and a Bachelors degree in religion from Morehouse College. He was employed as a counselor at Medgar Evers College and clearly has strengths in that area. In 2001, he had to confront a number of interrelated challenges at First Jamaica if the phoenix were to rise. Rev. Kellar recognized that his ministry must focus on transition and restoration.

His first objective was to move the worship from the traditional worship format to a contemporary format. Even church attire was changed from the traditional suits to very informal attire. Rev. Kellar’s vision is to build disciples of Jesus the Christ, with individuals who will take the church to the world.  The roots have been planted for the restoration.

Administrative Assistant - Devika Singh

Sexton - Kelvin Class