And the Place was Shaken (week 17) Wed, Mar 24

Praying For the Lost and Societal Impact 
Practice # 3 - They Sought First the Kingdom 
Review: What were practices #1, #2, & #3 they exercised in the prayer meetings of the Bible? 
1. They began by ___________________ ________ _____________. 
2. They responded from the __________________. 
3. They sought ________________ the ___________________. 
What Did God Intend? 
1. In order to follow God, we must not only recognize His activity, but we must understand the purpose behind the activity. Based on this truth, why do you think God went to the trouble to send Jesus instead of immediately destroying the world when Adam sinned? Obviously, the purpose of God is to redeem. We cannot sit on the sidelines while people perish (1 Tim 1:15, 1 Tim 2:4, 2 Peter 3:9). 
2. God has determined that our obedience or disobedience will have a great impact on the destiny of many lives (Ezekiel 3:17-21). 
The Role of Prayer in Praying For the Lost 
1. Pray that doors of opportunity to reach the lost world will be opened to us (Colossians 4:3, 1 
Corinthians 16:9, 2 Corinthians 2:12). 
2. Prayer sensitizes us to God’s voice to know whom He is convicting and drawing (Acts 8:26-27, 16:6-10). 
3. A life of prayer expands our heart to be like His (Romans 10:1, 9:1-3). 
God Answers Prayers for the Lost When We Are Right with Him and One Another 
1. God has always given favor to His church when they are walking in fellowship with Him and one another. That will result in salvation, societal impact, and/or favor with others. Acts 2:47, 5:13, 19:19. It will also result in opposition, but the opposition cannot stand. 
2. Historically in the great revivals, when all God’s people made things right with Him and one  another, there was a massive ingathering of souls. 
3. Not only were lost converted, but society was blessed. Ills afflicting people, such as hunger, broken marriages, drinking, etc. were reduced. 
Focus On God 
1. If all those claiming to be Christians were made right with God, what would be the result in the world? What would happen in our church if all of us were right with God? What would happen if everyone took just one step toward Him this week? 
2. Who might God be working in around you? 
 Responding To God 
1. Is there anything in your life that is displeasing to God? Is He fingering an attitude, a habit, a broken relationship or something else that needs to be made right? 
2. If you are current in your relationship with God, but sharing your faith scares you, would you at least be willing to do it for His sake? Would you be willing to allow Him to open a door for you this week to share? 
3. Pray about this right now. Also include thanking God for your salvation. 
Kingdom Prayer List 
1. One Another – Pray for the spiritual walk of others in your church.
2. Needs of those in the church.
3. Revival among God’s people
4. Doors of opportunity to open with those who are lost. 

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